Determine Your Starting Level For Each Movement

Your weekly templates for each Athletic level.


What to Expect

There are 5 athletic levels assigned in the RX Gymnastics program.

Level 1-2: Beginner : This is the build phase of the RX Gymnastics course. WOD’s at your gym will come up that have gymnastics movements and you won’t be able to RX them – but that’s why your using this program! You’ll get there, it just takes time and hard work. In your daily WOD if a movement comes up that you cannot you’ll scale to whatever you can. For example, if you are at level 2 HSPU your scale would be knee handstand push-ups. A good rule of thumb is to pick one of the progressions from that level.

At this point, you are working on getting your of each movement. Like your first pull up. Your first dip. Ect.

With that said, you’re not ready to start adding them to your daily WOD.

Level 3-4: Intermediate: By this time you should be able to RX some WOD’s that have gymnastics movement. If a WOD only has a few pull ups or ring dips you might be able to do it. As you

In this level we start comfortable to kipping pull-ups and ring dips. You can do muscle-ups and handstand push-ups but are still working on being proficient at them.

Level 5: Proficient: At this stage you should be able to RX any WOD that has the foundational movements.

Each level there is a suggested volume on how many days a week you’ll follow the RX Gymnastics program. Since this program is built to be used with countless other Cross-Training programs I am giving some leeway on how many days a week you’ll work on gymnastics. Some weeks you will be practicing your gymnastics each day you go to the gym and some weeks it will just be 1-2 days – ideally there will be minimal weeks without any gymnastics work. Just know, the more frequent you do your gymnastics training the faster you’ll progress!

Find your starting level for each movement

In this step, we are going to figure out which level you are at for each movement. Simply take a look at the graphs below. Under Goal(s) for each section is a given ability. That indicates what you currently can do. For example, can you do 1 strict pull up but not 5? That would mean you are level 2 for pull ups.

Please determine which level you are for each movement. 

Muscle Up Progression

cross-training pistol squat progression