Handstand Push-Up – Level 1- Beginner

Current ability: Less than 10 standard push-ups.

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Workout A
5 x 8-12 Push-Ups at the most difficult level you can manage. See Push-up progression.

Current ability

[box]Less than 10 standard push-ups. [/box]

How to Progress

Move to Level 2 HSPU when you can do 10 standard push-ups. See Push-up progression.

Lesson-specific notes

I have a firm belief that before someone is inverted into a handstand with or without assistance they should have a bare minimum amount of upper body strength. I gauge this minimum level of strength as doing 10 standard push-ups. Admittedly, this is not a perfect way to tell if someone is able to be inverted safely but rather a rough approximation. With that said, from my experience, a person who has the basic strength to knock out some pushups has enough structural integrity to at least hold a handstand.

Suggested scale during WOD’s:

Preferably you are doing standard push-ups. If that is too difficult at this point in your gymnastics progress, pick a push-up variation that is sufficiently stressing.




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