Wall Handstand Push Up Movement Library

About the Wall Handstand Pushup Movement Library

The Handstand Push-Up Movement Library contains exercise demo video’s that teach people how to progress to being proficient at handstand pushups against a wall.

It’s necessary to point out early that these are wall handstand-pushups – which are very different than freestanding handstand pushups. Handstand pushups against the wall require much less strength and coordination in comparison to freestanding. The progressions to each are very different.

A strict handstand pushup against the wall is very much a pure strength movement. Sure, people do kipping handstand pushups, but that’s uncouth and is to be avoided unless you’re doing a CrossFit competition where time is essential. Outside of that, avoid kipping HSPU.

The video’s in this movement library give an excellent overview of how to progress with your HSPU. Whether you are still working up to your first HSPU or are looking for more difficult progressions, there will be videos that can help your situation.

Most people reading these words are looking for help to get their first HSPU. For those unruly souls, follow these steps instructions.

First, take a look at the movements in this library. Rather quickly, you’ll see some rhyme to how the progressions are organized. Once you have a feel, find an HSPU progression that you can for three sets of 8 to 12.

Once you have that movement, do 3 to 5 sets for 2 to 4 days a week. Once your first three sets are over 12 reps with good form, then find a slightly hard progression. Repeat this cycle all the way till you can perform your handstand pushups against the wall!