Ring Dip Movement Library

About the Ring-Dip Movement Library

The Ring Dip Movement Library has various progressions and assistance exercises to help you get your first ring dip. Additionally, these videos can help progress to a muscle-up!

The reason that Ring Dips gets its very own section in the movement library is that it is an essential building block to the muscle-up. The muscle-up, in regards to strength, is composed of three different skills that require a certain amount of specific resistance to accomplish. First, you so a pull-up. Second, you transition from the top of a pull-up to the bottom of a ring-dip. Lastly, you do a concentric portion of the ring-dip.

I don’t think ring dips should hold a long term place in your training plan. I don’t necessarily view them as a core foundational movement that should take much of your valuable training time.

Instead, they are a stepping stone — a mere tool to more exciting movement patterns.

With that said, ring-dips pose a pressing challenge for many people. They aren’t intuitive. They are destabilizing since ring dips are on a 360-degree plane. Lastly, they require a fair amount of upper-body strength.

This Ring Dip Movement Library is here to help you progress to the point where you can go from zero ring-dips to more than 10. Once you can comfortably do more than 10, then you’ll have enough strength and capacity to do muscle-ups. Besides, you can also work on your own to build more ring-dip capacity if you choose to do so.