Push Up Movement Library

About the Push-Up Movement Library

This Push-Up Movement library is primarily available for people who are looking to work towards their first pushup.

The humble pushup is a simple upper-body pressing bodyweight strength exercise. A reasonable amount of people who I write and coach for have been capable of doing pushups for many years by the time we’ve crossed paths. With that said, there still are a decent amount of people who haven’t worked up to the pushup.

The good news is that the pushup can be worked up to and conquered by most people. This series of exercise videos show you dozens of variations of the pushup that are scaled to be more help you progress to the point where you can get dozens of proper pushups.

I’ve found that simplicity is the best way to progress with pushups. If you’d like to work your way up to doing pushups, you can follow these necessary steps.

First, locate a movement in this pushup movement library that is just hard enough where you can do three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. Once you’ve located that movement than for three to four days a week, do three sets of eight to twelve reps.

If you are consistently going over twelve reps, then its time to find a slightly more difficult progression.

If you are consistently going under eight reps, then its time to find a slightly easier progression.

You keep this cycle up working your way up to harder and harder progressions until you get to the point you have progressed to standard pushups!