How To Do A Kipping Pull-Up

About The Kipping Pull-Up

The kipping pull-up is a staple of all CrossFit programming and for a good reason.

One of the primary tenants of CrossFit is to increase capacity across broad time and modal domains. What the kipping pull-up does is allow you to do more work in a shorter period of time.

The kipping pull-up is a hybrid of a traditional pull-up with the rapid hip opening that we can find in jumping, kettlebell swings, and Olympic lifts. The kip is essentially opening your hips quickly.

The reason this is beneficial is that we can translate that hip opening power for upward movement. The hip power brings less fatigue and effort to the smaller upper-body muscles, which in turn allows you to do more reps. More reps ultimately lead to more power output. More power output turns into a higher capacity of fitness according to how the CrossFit standards measure fitness.

If your interested in learning how to do a kipping pull-up, I would first suggest that you learn how to strict pull-ups. By having a stronger base of strength in your vertical upper-body pulling power, you’ll set yourself up for success down the line by being able to do more reps and be less likely to hurt yourself. The kipping pull-up does pose some risk to the shoulder so you should establish a good range of motion in the shoulder joints and upper-body strength before attempting to learn the kipping pull-up.

Kipping Pull-Up Programs

The Butterfly Pull-Up appears in the following programs.