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Are you in the process of learning or teaching how to do a butterfly pull up? This demo page shows you the proper technique on how to do the butterfly pull up.

I first encountered and learned how to do the butterfly pull up in my CrossFit days. I started CrossFit in 2006, and during that era, everyone was doing the kipping pull-up. Back then, to my recollection, I don’t remember anyone knowing about or using the butterfly pull-up in their WOD’s.

It wasn’t until around 2008 or 2009 until I first remember the movement hitting the scene. It was novel and entertaining to see. I quickly picked up the technique and began experimenting.

What I was most interested to know is if the butterfly pull-up was if It was faster than the kipping pull-up. Did butterflying a pull-up take less energy than kipping? Was it safe?

After some experimenting in the gym, we did find that the butterfly pull-up was faster than kipping. The way I testest was timed 20 reps unbroken of pull-ups then 20 reps unbroken of butterfly. On average, amongst four people butterflying shaved off two seconds. Additionally, I found that butterflying took about as much energy as kipping. These findings were very unscientific, so you should see what works best for you!

In regards to safety, I personally never hurt myself, but I did see people sustain more shoulder injuries than kipping. I believe the butterfly pull up, due to its biomechanics, is harsher on the shoulder. Lastly, I did see some people hit their mouth on the way down from the movement. So watch your chin!

So when should you use the butterfly pull up? I think that crossfitters should learn both kipping and butterfly – but mostly use kipping for their training while being proficient in butterfly. Then, when WOD’s come up that are short and require pull-ups, use the butterfly to shave off those precious seconds.

Checkout Invictus for some other great resources on how to do a butterfly pullups. Also, checkout the RX Gymnastics Program if you’re looking for a progression to learn.

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