How To Do Elevated Supine Ring Rows

About Elevated SupineRing Rows

The Elevated Supine Ring Row is a fantastic movement in their own right. It builds upper-body pulling strength that can transfer to other more complex exercises.

In my training, I always tend to rotate some rowing movement. Body rows are one of the more basic ways rowing exercises you can rotate into your workout plan. Other great options are barbell rows and dumbbell rows.

To progress with pull-ups, I tend to gravitate towards supine ring rows. The reason being is that they are straightforward to adjust to increase or decrease difficulty.

To make them more accessible, all you need to do is be more perpendicular to the floor. To make ring rows harder, you need to be more horizontal with the floor. Also, almost every gym (especially CrossFit boxes), will have rings readily available.

Are you interested in learning how to ring rows in your program? If you’re training at a CrossFit facility, you can check out the RX Gymnastics Program. If you want to incorporate rows into your plan to get better at pull-ups, you can check out the Pull-Up Program.

To perform an elevated ring row, you should first adjust the height of the rings. The height should be high enough so that your back doesn’t touch the ground when your arms are fully extended when holding the rings.

Once you have the height set correctly, you can also put your feet on a box to make the movement slightly more challenging. You’ll need to make sure that you hold a firm body line by keeping your back, core, and legs straight. Don’t let them slump or curve!

Now, all you do is pull the rings towards you. Make sure that you go full range of motion and have the rings touch your chest. If they don’t, you aren’t strong enough for this angle in which case you should make it a little easier.

Onc the rings touch your chest, hold for a second, then slowly lower yourself until your arms are fully extended.

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