Pull-Up Movement Library

About the Pull-Up Movement Library

The Pull-Up Movement Library has dozens of different videos that cover movement progressions, assistance exercises, and various ways to play and learn the pull-up or chin-up.

At its root, the pull-up is an upper-body pulling compound strength exercise. The pull-up can be executed on multiple different apparatuses, but the most popular and widely used are a straight steel pull-up bar or gymnastics rings.

The pull-up is one of my favorite exercises. It would make my top list of strength movements if I were to be limited to only 5 exercises that I could utilize in my training. One of the unique challenges of the pull-up is there are two types of people who approach them.

First, you have people who can already do them, and they want to do more reps, want more weight, and want variety with their training.

Second, you have another group of people who haven’t worked up to a pull-up yet. This group will generally be interested in training programs to guide them to get to their first pull-up and more.

This pull-up movement library is geared to towards both those types of fitness enthusiasts. Each will find dozens of ideas on how to enhance your pull-up training.

Also, for those who don’t have a pull up yet, the Beginner Pull-Up Program will teach you how to go from 0 pull-ups to 10 strict pull-ups quickly and efficiently. There are dozens of lessons, videos, graphs, and detailed exercise programming to help you reach your pull-up goals.

I’m quite proud of my pull-up movement library. I hope you enjoy it.