Bulgarian Split Squats

About The Bulgarian Split Squat

Are you interested in learning how to do Bulgarian split squats to help improve your unilateral leg strength or help progress towards pistol squats?

The Bulgarian split squat is performed by elevating your back leg onto a surface. The higher the surface, the more difficult the movement will be since you can get a deeper stretch. If you’re at a gym, the most common surface will be a box or a bench. If you’re at a park, you can get creative and use a rock, log, or park bench.

You’ll want to set up your leg distance far enough so that your front knee doesn’t go over your front toe. Ideally, your tibia (shin) should be perfectly perpendicular to the ground. By now allowing your knee go over your toe you’ll prevent excessive sheer which will keep your knees healthy longer.

Once your feet are in the correct position, you will want to keep your arms out to your side to help with balance. Once you feel comfortable, you can start lowering your back knee to the ground.

As you go down, you’ll want to keep your chest as upright as possible and now allow your front knee to rotate internally. Additionally, you don’t want to go quickly. The idea is to take 2-4 seconds on the way down and then move quickly on the way up. Additionally, make sure you don’t slam your knee on the ground! You can gently tap it on the ground or go slightly above the ground.

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