RX Barbell Program

The RX CrossFit Barbell Course is an accessory strength program to help you RX the barbell portion of CrossFit WOD's. It is designed so that you can you can do the RX CrossFit Barbell Program before or after your class.


Intermediate - Level 4

As your progress into level 4 you should start seeing a signifiant increase in your ability to RX WOD's the have barbell movements. In this phase you'll see the introduction of the push jerk, overhead squat, clean, and power snatch. These new movements add a signifiant level of complexity to your strength program so be sure to spend extra time focusing on technique.


Upper-Intermediate - Level 5

This is the last phase of the RX Barbell Strength program. It is designed so that at some point during this phase you should carry a level of strength that is suitable to RX most standard CrossFit WOD's.