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What are Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight Exercises  are fundamental to any program. There are many classifications in which this could fall under. For example, calisthenics, gymnastics, parkour, or bodyweight training. You’ll find elements of bodyweight training is pretty much every domain of exercise. From powerlifting to, you guessed it, gymnastics!

On this page, you’ll find my articles that discuss Gymnastics & Bodyweight movements. For the most part you’ll see that they are progressions using The Level Up Method. The Level Up method is a organizational system I use. It is a progression series to increase bodyweight strength, mobility, and control. It systematically breaks down movements to very small progressions and levels. This allows us to remove the mystique around bodyweight movements.

For example, lets say you cannot complete one strict pull up. Using a progression, we can break this down into many steps to help someone progress to one or many strict pull ups. Without a program or progression, someone may struggle for weeks, months, or years. Not good.