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Carmella Medeiros

Chris Stroud has some great coaching skills. There was one movement in particular that I just could not get even after months of practice on my own but w/Chris’ coaching I learned it in the span of three sessions.

Over the past 5 months I have trained with Chris Stroud and participated in his Lean Out Program. His Lean Out Program has made a significant difference in helping me reach my weight loss goals. I never thought I would feel confident in a bikini again but with Chris’s help I attained my goal. If you follow the program you will get results. This program really has changed my life. My family, friends and colleagues all comment on how I look like a completely different person. In fact two people today just told me how amazing I look. I am more confident and my energy level has increased substantially. I honestly cannot say enough about how much Chris and his Lean Out Program have positively impacted my life. I have lost a total of 25 pounds and counting.

Just a few short weeks before a milestone birthday, I decided that it was time to get fit. I can honestly say that signing up with Chris is the best gift I have ever given myself. Like many of you who are probably reading this, I had a gym membership for months, and I never really used it. All that changed with Chris. I look forward to my one-on-one sessions with Chris, and regret missing them when I travel from time to time. I have lost pounds and inches, gained muscle strength, have much more energy and focus, and feel better than I have in a very long time. Chris is enthusiastic, dedicated, personable, spirited, and all heart. Run, don’t walk, to start your fitness regime with Chris!

I went from 24% body fat to 8% body fat in 16 weeks while on the lean out program. I did this without losing any muscle and at 41 years old, I’m now in the best shape of my life. Checking in each week and setting goals, kept me on track, motivated, and helped me maintain my focus. The “lean out” philosophy works if you are willing to follow it.

I’ve been working out for years and ‘eating right’ and then I hit a plateau and couldn’t shake it. Then I met Chris. I have achieved a level of fitness and health I didn’t believe was possible for me. I’ve learned new skills and movements I never thought I could do or would want to do. Chris’ passion and no nonsense approach to training is unlike anything I’ve seen. I feel so fortunate to have Chris as my trainer. With him, any goal becomes possible.

Christopher delivers fitness expertise on a high level. He knows body mechanics and is masterful in his directives. I was more than satisfied with the results I achieved, in just a short period of time. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trainer that does not just preach, but also practices; an individual who is always working towards his/her own fitness goals, makes the best trainer!

Chris is a dedicated trainer who listens to his clients needs and concerns. Through his direction of proper diet management and weight training his clients are able to see solid results. He is both professional and courteous. He is patient yet challenges his clients to excel and strive for the results they are capable of. I would recommend Chris as a personal fitness consultant for those who want a trainer with a relaxed style, who motivates and aims to achieve all your objectives. I will continue to recommend Chris to colleagues, friends and acquaintances both male, female, elite athletes and those that would like to achieve their own desired level of personal health, fitness and well-being

Chris is wonderful trainer with a wealth of knowledge in both physiology and nutrition. He understands what the individual needs and caters the training to that individual to provide the best results. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for new ways to improve your performance, Chris is a great motivator and creative trainer. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone

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